The Entrepreneur Podcast is a powerful platform that delivers insight, wisdom and encouragement from connected and influential businessmen and businesswomen.
It’s a show that dives into the mindset and life of sometimes famous and sometimes up and coming Asian Entrepreneurs.

Hi, I’m Rajiv Unni Krishnan. The show concept was built over a number of years as I’ve walked through my own entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m also a veteran in leading multinational innovative teams and I possess a strong affinity and expertise
in the technological sector.
Schooled in France and a traveller of the eastern world, I’m passionate about executing my mission which is to utilize this platform to bring nations together in understanding each other and conducting business as a team to the mutual benefit
of all parties involved.

As we hear from these Asian Entrepreneurs on the show, we’ll cover issues and topics such as what caused them to develop their product or service? What does their journey into and through their Entrepreneurial life look like? How do they deal
with fear of failure? What drives them to keep forging ahead in the face of adversity?

How they’ve navigated a potentially risky deal, and what is the one gold nugget they would pass onto us when we want to give up?
This is also a source for understanding the Asian business mind and marketplace. If you foresee or are currently doing business with the Asian community then listening in may give you insight that you won’t get from books. It’s a look inside
what really makes and drives the Asian businessman or woman. It’ll help you stay ahead and gives you the skills to relate to the Asian way of business.

We are going to hear from people who are accomplished in 1 or more areas of business and/or life. What I aim to do is allow the guest to introduce himself or herself, give a little background about what they do and then highlight skills or
wisdom which has allowed them to be at the top of their game.

On the show, the Entrepreneurs will be guided to share what mindset or skill has made them successful and are then encouraged to elaborate about how they believe it has helped them and how they advise us to incorporate that mindset or skill into
our business and/or life.

An additional purpose of the show is to provide relevant applicable information that works so you don’t have to reinvent processes and you can avoid the mistakes others have made. To be able to take the advice and experience of others and own it
and live it yourself using your own personality and viewpoint is priceless.

With my more than 14 years’ experience in startups and Client Management, I know what matters and how to bring out the best in my guest. When you leave the show, you should absorb some new knowledge and wisdom and have something new to

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