Welcome listeners to Episode 18 where we welcome Imran Uddin  founder of  All Tech Buzz ( to speak to us from Hyderabad, India on being one of the top earning bloggers in the country.


Imran was born and brought up in a lower middle class family. Money was always a big problem in my life. The only thing he knew while he was child to get rid of my poverty was to work hard, get well educated, perform well in academics. He was a good student since the beginning and was always top either it might be in school or my college.

To learn anything his primary source of knowledge was Internet and by that time he became very found of Internet and Computers. Then he started a blogspot blog to share the things which I learn. He didn’t knew that my blog is visible to all, he just thought its just a dairy and no one can view his blog except him. But later he realized that a blog can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. Then he started writing some Tips Tricks and Tutorials which I think might be useful for geeks. People started liking his articles and he started making money.
It was very tough period though. On a fine day he received a check of Rs 300($6 Approx) from an advertising network. This gave him the confidence that he can earn money through Internet. Then he got a $100 check from Infolinks, after that it didn’t stop. It went on increasing by 20-30% month by month. Now he make over $10k per month.

Currently he is undergoing a very hectic schedule with lots of work and pending works on my desk. He also started organizing seminars workshop. Also started a training program for newbies to help them make money online.
He also started a Pvt. Ltd company named All Tech Media which offers Web Development, Blogging and SEO related Services. His main motto ahead is to grow this company day to day as much as I can.


“Experience it don’t follow anything blindly”

Founder : Imran Uddin

Web :

Facebook: Alltechbuzz Official

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2 comments on “E18 – ‘Don’t Follow Anything Blindly’ Entrepreneur and Founder Imran Uddin of AllTechBuzz from Hyderabad, India

  1. Aditya Chakranarayan Feb 20, 2016

    I have listened full podcast interview of Imran. He is really a great guy and have lots of patience. Most people rush to make money in blogging or in any business. In this interview Imran has explained it very well that it’s not a one day job we should be enough passionate about our work and should look forward to serve good work to our users. Learning and knowing about our biz is important and finally it leads to success. Thanks for great podcast interview and i wish Imran Uddin best of luck for his future.

    • admin Feb 22, 2016

      Hi Aditya
      Thanks so much for the appreciations and so glad you liked it, please do leave us a review and subscribe to our show to get the latest updates.
      If you would like to refer and founders or have any questions or items you would like us to cover do let us know.

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