We welcome Nitin Mishra founder of  Awesummly ( to Episode 19 where he speaks to us from Bangalore, India on being the country’s first algorithmic news summary app for all languages.


Awesummly is a realtime news summary app which extracts latest trending news articles of both English and Hindi languages from multiple national and international sources like Times of India, EconomicTimes, Navbharat Times, Techcrunch, Huffington Post etc and summarises them algorithmically to present a short news personalized for you at realtime. All summarised news articles of English and Hindi news contain only headlines and facts and no opinions, to help you updated with current affairs and latest news. Whether it’s the latest policies of the Narendra Modi government or shakeups in Bollywood or startup in business, we get them covered and delivered super fast! Get updated with the latest news and current affairs in a short and simple format!

Awesummly targets not just news. The company’s vision is to make summaries a basic necessity for every listing. Be it news, product listing of e-commerce websites, book and place listing or Google search listing.



“Be fearless”

Founder : Nitin Mishra

Web :

Twitter : @awesummly

Download Awesummly Android App :

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