We welcome Surawat Promyotin (Sam) founder of  Stylhunt ( Stylhunt.com) to Episode 20 where he speaks to us from Bangkok, Thailand a service which allows shoppers to find shops they can trust in just a few minutes.


In emerging markets, where online shopping predominantly takes place through Facebook and Instagram, STYLHUNT allows shoppers to find shops they can trust in just a few clicks.

Online shopping in Thailand and much of Southeast Asia is very different from the rest of the world.  Most people make purchases from blog shops on Facebook and Instagram – not from e-commerce websites.  Because there are 1000’s of shops and they do not invest in SEO, they are very, very difficult to discover.  Using Google, it takes more than 500 clicks through search results to find just 1 of the Top 20 Facebook shops in Thailand.

STYLHUNT reduces this search time from 500+ to only 2 clicks.  It aggregate the shops into one place and index them by category and # of Likes, which is not only an indication of popularity, but also of trust.  Trust is uniquely important in this market where transactions are conducted by bank transfers and messenger delivery.


“Continuous self development”

“Optimisation of revenue”

“Attitude, skill, long term fit”

Founder : Surawat Promyotin

Web : Stylhunt.com

Facebook : Link

Twitter : @Stylhunt

Download Stylhunt Android App : Google Play

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