Today we have a very  Special show with Ajeet Khurana Prolific Angel Investor, Author and Mentor. He talk to use from Mumbai, India about topics ranging from investing, funding, MVP, single founders and the entire boom with valuations.


He has over two decades of experience in the startup space and till recently he was CEO – IIT Bombay’s SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) was the Founder Corpus Collosum Learning Pvt Ltd and Founder KITS Pvt Ltd which he Exited in India’s first ever acquisition in the education industry.

Few Questions Answered :-

– What made you become an angel investor ?
– Could you briefly describe the Indian startup scene in 1993? And fast forward to today, what are 3 of the biggest change in the ecosystem? Are the recent big investment and valuation justified? Do you see a correction happening?
– Lets say that a startup raises too much money regardless of the valuation. More than it needs. Is that a good thing ?

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Quotes “Nothing is as exciting as working with entrepreneurs. The joy of creating new enterprises far exceeds the pains that go with it”

Founder : Ajeet Khurana

Twitter : @AjeetK

The Entrepreneur  Podcast interviews and chats with today’s most successful entrepreneurs and founders from Asia, Singapore, India, China, Japan, Malaysia , Indonesia and more and asking them what steps they used to become a success, how they started up and you will be prepared to take your inspiration and motivation and put it into action.



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One comment on “SP28 – Special – Ajeet Khurana Prolific Angel Investor, Author and Mentor talks to us from Mumbai, India

  1. Sabita Unnikrishnan Oct 26, 2016

    I enjoy the podcast interview.
    Very in depth and so interesting to hear the start up journey of the entrepreneurs..
    Sabita Unnikrishnan

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