Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we have with us Ishmeet Singh Founder at High on Leather.
High on leather provides fashionable Eco-Friendly leather bags at selling prices up to 60% less than the retail prices of other and also at a considerable discount compared to the costs in a department store or even on the high street.


Ishmeet Singh earned his diploma in Mass Communication and graduation in BBA, prior to High on Leather he was an Online Marketing Manager at Whitelotus Consultants, an E-Commerce Executive at Shopify and Indiabulls and a Senior Executive at Digital Vidya.

High On Leather is an online e-tailer (based in India) that provides leather backpacks, work & travel bags for both men and women. If you get a chance to read their story, you’ll understand that their noble mission is to supply the market with eco-friendly leather bags & accessories at 60% of the cost of most retailers.

The basic difference between High On Leather goat leather bags and normal leather bags, are of smell. Usual goat leather bags have a very bad smell and High On Leather products are tanned in a way that they neither have smell and the stitching of the bags are so strong that they are going to last for years.

About:  Ishmeet Singh : LinkedIn

Links : High on Leather : Web ; Instagram ; Twitter ; Facebook ; Youtube

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