Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we have with us Maneesh Sethi Founder Founder of Pavlok from Boston.
Pavlok is a wearable device that uses operant conditioning through haptic feedback to modify behavior. Users are said to be able to break bad habits by pairing the behavior with up to 150 volts of “zaptic feedback”, and can establish new routines by pairing the behavior with vibration.


When Maneesh was 13 years old, he wrote a book “Game Programming for Teens” that eventually became an international
bestseller, translated in four languages and oddly popular in Poland. He then studied Computer Science and Psychology at Stanford.
Between 2008 and 2013, he lived in 15 countries, learned a total of 5 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German,
and Italian), launched multiple businesses, founded an NGO in India, became a DJ in Berlin ( ), and ran
marketing campaigns for multiple New York Times Bestselling Campaigns.
He has also served as Tim Ferriss’s Right-hand Man for the 4-Hour Chef Launch and is the brother of Ramit Sethi, from
Currently, he is running a wearable tech company called Pavlok the first bracelet that actually changes behavior .

In July 2014, Behavioral Technology Group created its first product, Pavlok. Parallel to the interests of Sethi’s Hack the System, Pavlok is a wearable device that modifies behavior through operant conditioning, using audio and haptic feedback. Users are able to break habits and addictions through courses similar to aversion therapy, and may establish new routines by pairing behaviors with positive stimuli.
After having raised funds through angel investment, Sethi launched a fundraising campaign for Pavlok on Indiegogo. He used Bolt, a business incubator, for hardware production, before moving into Pavlok’s WeWork office in October 2014. Soon after, Pavlok was accepted into the 2015 MassChallenge startup accelerator program. Sethi pitched Pavlok on season seven finale of Shark Tank.
Pavlok has raised funds from Maneesh’s contacts in the blogging world including Steve Kamb, Matt Kepnes, Ramit Sethi, John Romaniello, Dave Asprey and more.
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