Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we have with us Sudanshu Tiwari  founder of Rewardz.sg Singapore.
Rewardz provides Technology solutions to boost employee engagement and corporate wellness and it has been at the forefront of the digitisation of HR services .


Sudanshu has over a decade of experience producing and managing applications across web and mobile platforms for large-scale banking institutions – including holding senior roles in global investment banks such as Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Sudhanshu strongly believes that human resource practitioners for medium-to-large organisations overspend on technology platforms, staggered across multiple functions such as recruitment, benefits, payroll & admin and wellness. His company, Rewardz has released 2 products – Emperks and Flabuless in the employee engagement and corporate wellness space with the vision to becoming one-stop employee engagement, wellness and benefits platform for HR. Its son launching a third named Serra.

”Good employee benefits go beyond insurance coverage and allows the employer to contribute towards employee wellness and happiness. It is a way to reward employee efforts and promote work life balance,” Sudhanshu says.

Apart from taking being a solution provider in employee benefits, Sudhanshu recently embarked on wine appreciation, and looks forward to visiting a vineyard soon. But no matter where his interests may lie, Sudhanshu’s business philosophy is simple: he believes that the company should stay grounded and focus on creating value, and the rest will fall in place.
Sudhanshu is currently planning on expanding Rewardz into 10 other countries, with a projected revenue growth of 500% on year-on-year basis.

Funding : with an investment of SGD 3 million Benefit One Inc., a Japanese company with a market cap of 1B+ that specializes in fringe benefit outsourcing services becomes a major stakeholder of Rewardz.

About : Sudanshu Tiwari : LinkedIn

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