Welcome to a new episode of The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Bhoopathi Rapolu, International Speaker, Blogger and Bestselling Author of The Race for Work.


Bhoopathi Rapolu has spent last five years meeting hundreds of business leaders in multiple industries around the world, helping them to use the emerging disruptive technologies for automation and for their business growth.
Regardless of the industry, country, technology, individual’s role, age, or gender, one simple fact stood out: Automation is eliminating jobs like never before, but also opening up some rare career opportunities, again like never before.

Based on his own personal success story in finding his dream job, and hundreds of interactions and dozens of recent books and studies, Bhoopathi wrote The Race for Work to provide others with a real-world guide to escape automation, transform their careers, and thrive in the second machine age.

Bhoopathi is an international speaker, author, and blogger. He has published articles on leading international media such as The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Times (UK), and over 20 other leading platforms across the world. Visit www.bhoopathi.com for more details and additional resources.

The Race for Work;
Imagine if you had a job that gave more money, meaning and freedom you ever imagined. How would that change your career and life? While automation is taking away most of the jobs, it is also offering some rare career opportunities for those ready to grab. In The Race for Work, seasoned technology strategist Bhoopathi Rapolu walks you through how successful professionals are using the power of emerging disruptive technologies to escape automation, transform their career and thrive in the second machine age.
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