Welcome to a new episode of The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Sunhera Cariappa, Founder at The Ultimate Toolkit from Hong Kong and Owner & Principal Designer at Feel Good Design.


Sunhera is a strategic designer with specialization in designing for education services and social impact. She has managed and led a variety of projects ranging from organizing global service design workshops to researching healthcare opportunities for chronic disease patients with Philips Design in China. The Ultimate Toolkit integrates her passion for social impact and human-centred design.

The Ultimate Toolkit is designed to help both employers and employees combat sexual harassment in the workplace by providing an interactive workshop. Attendees engage in decision thinking to educate and empower themselves with the skills, knowledge and strategies to confront sexual harassment head on, including framing their own anti-harassment policies.

Female decision making is something that should be valued, supported and encouraged as diversity will inevitably lead to better solutions. It’s a disturbing truth that many women feel as though sexual harassment in the tech industry simply comes with the job. However, it’s not only a basic human right (regardless of gender) to be free from discrimination, but also for the business world to tackle the issue in a respectful, dignified manner that doesn’t make victims feel even more victimized.

Funding : The Hong Kong Government
Promo Codes : 20% discount on workshops for the the first 5 companies.
About : Sunhera Cariappa : LinkedIn
Links : Web ; Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter

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