Welcome to a new episode of The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Nitin Sawhney founder of Reboot Life a global Remote Work and Travel program.


Founded in 2017, Reboot Life is a brain child of Mr. Nitin Sawhney. Reboot Life is based on an exceptional concept which re-imagines work life balance and allows the participants to explore the world while working remotely. It offers its participants the best of both worlds. Reboot Life is a refreshing new venture in the nascent yet booming remote work and travel industry. The most significant feature of the program is the concept of traveling with ‘Industry Trendsetters’, which positions Reboot Life as a unique work & travel program. Reboot Life will invite experts and influencers, professionals who are an authority in their line of work, to travel with program participants as industry trendsetters, providing a great opportunity to participants to interact and learn from these experts.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to potentially live with your heroes, while traveling the world and working remotely.

It aims to curate a community of creative individuals (entrepreneurs, freelancers, working professionals and digital nomads) who will travel together, exchange ideas, collaborate, and find them professionally and personally enriched all the way through the Reboot Life program. In the words of Nitin Sawhney, Founder, Reboot Life, “Life without travel is an opportunity missed. While many yearn to unshackle their monotonous lives, most do not know how to do so without compromising on work and their livelihood. Reboot Life is a program that builds communities of like-minded professionals who travel together to some of the most fascinating cities in the world, while working remotely. You no longer need to choose between work and travel. With Reboot Life you can now travel and achieve true professional growth.”

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