How to Subscribe to a Podcast using iTunes & Stitcher

This page is designed to guide you, visually, through the podcast subscription process in 2 of the main platforms. You’ll find out here how to subscribe to your favourite shows, and what software you need to do so. Choose your platform below:


1. Download iTunes to your computer, if you don’t have it installed yet. Click here to download iTunes. Follow the instructions after downloading to successfully install iTunes on your computer.


2. Once you have iTunes installed, find the main screen. There you will see a Search box where you can type in the specific podcast that you’re looking for.  In this case type in “The Asian Entrepreneur”. You have to be specific in searching for the podcast that you want to subscribe to, to achieve a successful search result.


3. Click the podcast you’re looking for. The podcast page will appear which includes details of the podcast, ratings and reviews, and a Related Podcasts section.


4. To subscribe to the podcast, select the SUBSCRIBE button which appears in the left side of the screen. You can also choose to Tell a Friend, Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook and Copy Link the podcast by clicking the dropdown list of the SUBSCRIBE button.


5. After clicking the SUBSCRIBE button, a pop-up button will appear, just select Subscribe to confirm your subscription to the Podcast.


6. After confirming your subscription, the most recent episode of the podcast will be displayed in your library just as soon as it has finished downloading. Click the Library button to check your library.

7. Click the PLAY icon to listen to newest episode of the Podcast.


itunes-80p  stitcher0-80p

Stitcher Android /iOS using Stitcher

1. Install the Stitcher app on your mobile device. Once it’s installed, you can start using Stitcher on your mobile device.

Android                                                        iOS

Screenshot_2016-01-21-08-03-17                   st1

2. Use the SEARCH button to find the The Asian Entrepreneur Podcast and select it to subscribe to it

Android                                                       iOS

Screenshot_2016-01-21-08-09-16                   st2

3. Information about the Podcast will appear such as Details about the Podcast and Episodes of the Podcast. Click the + icon found on the right upper portion of the podcast to add that podcast to your playlist.

Android                                                iOS

Screenshot_2016-01-21-08-09-31           st3

4. You can now enjoy listening to the episodes of the Podcast.

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