Chat with Krishna Abatipudi Founding member of ASAL-Amaravati Solar Association

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Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we have with us Krishna Abatipudi  Founding member of the ASAL-Amaravati Solar Association a Cooperative where all Renewal energy entrepreneurs can promote their products and services.
Krishna started his career in renewable energy in 1997 and currently works at SOLTEK as Vice President-Sales prior to that was business head at Bharat synergy.
He is the author of E-Book”The Journey Towards Energy For All” and is a renewable Energy Professional with more than 17 years hands on experience in developing countries with a focus on Bottom of Pyramid Markets.
ASAL-Renewable Energy Cooperative is where all renewable energy entrepreneurs can promote their products and services the way Milk Farmers promote their products through AMUL not just across Bharat but across the Globe like Uber.
About : Krishna Abatipudi : LinkedIn
Links : whatsapp : +919441899745; email : [email protected]
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