Chat with Nandini Swaminathan founder of a fashion blog Sartorial Secrets on The Blogger Edit.

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Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Nandini Swaminathan founder of a fashion blog Sartorial Secrets.
This is the third show in our 6 part series of “The Blogger Edit” a partnership between The Entrepreneur Podcast and The Digital Rosé showcasing the journey of blogging.
Nandini spends time in Bangalore and graduated from Lady Sriram Delhi, she is also a  Community Manager Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. and prior to that was a Social Media and Content Strategist at Ripple Links and Creative Analyst at Yahoo!
‘Sartorial’ relates to clothing, and the blog that explores Nandini’s interpretations of trends, fashion and her own personal style. If you’re new to the world of fashion, it will also hopefully give you a glimpse into how you can look well put-together with little effort.
Fashion has always inspired Nandini; for her it’s almost like an art form. The fluidity of fabrics, the colours, the dizzying array of silhouettes that can be created – fashion is one of the most wonderful ways you can express yourself.