Chat with Prerna Mehra founder of Fashion and lifestyle platform on The Blogger Edit.

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Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we chat with Prerna Mehra founder of Fashion and lifestyle platform
This is the 5th show in our 6 part series of “The Blogger Edit” a partnership between The Entrepreneur Podcast and The Digital Rosé showcasing the journey of blogging.
Prerna Mehra is a 19-year-old fashion student, fashion designer, entrepreneur, model, and blogger, based in Mumbai, she has
been blogging about fashion and lifestyle on Instagram since over a year now.
Prerna blogs about upcoming trends, what should be paired with what, outfit suggestions for when you don’t know what to
wear, brands that grab her attention, beauty trends, basic styling, events she has been to lately and high heels off course.
She is the founder and creative head at Label Prerna Mehra, an independent venture she started when she was 17, it’s a
clothing brand that is all about fusion, prints, colour and quirk. From sarees to bold gowns, Prerna loves making inspired
custom garments for her clients that is her creation based on their personality, enhancing it but not diverting from it.
In her own words “I love writing, athletics, painting and cooking as well. And just the way that list is completely haywire, I’m the
kind of person that likes trying everything. I love surprising myself every now and then. I religiously follow cricket
which is probably the only sport I don’t play. Learning how to fly a plane has been on my bucket list forever. I’ve
recently started taking fitness very seriously, the gym is my happy place.”