Chat with Tanvi Bhardwaj Co-founder and CTO of Mishipay from Bangalore, India.

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Welcome to a new episode of  The Entrepreneur Podcast, today we have with us Tanvi Bhardwaj Co-founder and CTO of Mishipay.
Mishipay is a new retail payments start-up which allows shoppers to pick up a product they wish to buy, scan the barcode with their phone, pay within the phone and simply walk out.
Tanvi currently lives in Bangalore and has done her Computer Science from the University of Manchester, prior to Mishipay she worked at a few software houses in India and UK.
MishiPay seeks to bring the best of online shopping to the physical store for both shoppers and retailers. With our app, shoppers can scan barcodes on items and pay on the spot, without ever needing to go to a counter or wait in any
queue. They can just scan, pay and leave, with as few as 3 clicks. At the same time, it’s sustainable for retailers because we incorporate RFID security that ensures that if somebody tries to walk out without paying, the sensors immediately catch that and sound the alarm. So shoppers will save a lot of time and have a much better shopping
experience while retailers will increase sales, have far more shopper insights and improve profitability while still ensuring security against theft.
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